Cachabri Indian reserve tour

The tour for today is unique. We are not selling this tour except for very special clients because of its beauty. Today passengers will have a visit to Amubri, Bribri and Cachabri Indian Village located 3 hours from Almonds & Corals, going into the Talamanca Our van Mountain Range.

Kekoldi Indian's green iguana project

This tour visit a Bribri indigenous family that has an iguana farm, and it consist in watching the process of care and the different stages that take place for the iguanas to be born, to grow and to reproduce.

Kayaking and Snorkeling

This tour starts in front of Almonds and Corals, right at the beach. This tour is subject to weather and calm ocean. We will give you a sit on top Kayak and the basic instructions. You will carry your snorkeling gear with you.

Searching for Dolphins

We suggest a light start having fresh coffee and toasts. This tour is conditioned to good weather and not wavy ocean.

Natura Park Guided Hike

Just 30 mts. From Almonds and Corals is a trail – like a secret passage – will take you into the forest, surrounded by the singing of the crested toucan or the mealy parrot and the bay wrens and many other signs of dozens of tropical birds.

Cahuita and Puerto Vargas National Park

The largest town in the Caribbean Southern Coast is Cahuita.  There is a four mile natural trail leads from Cahuita to Puerto Vargas, beyond Cahuita Point.