Cachabri Indian reserve tour

The tour for today is unique. We are not selling this tour except for very special clients because of its beauty. Today passengers will have a visit to Amubri, Bribri and Cachabri Indian Village located 3 hours from Almonds & Corals, going into the Talamanca Our van Mountain Range. With the private bus, passengers will get to Sixaola River, here we will transfer them by boat to the other side of the river.

Will pick up the people at the hotel at 7:00 a.m.
At 9:00 a.m. they will catch the public bus that Indians use to be transferred to Amubri, as we ride along the road, we will see the every day life of the community. We will see cocoa plantations, bananas, thatch roofed huts, chicken, pigs, dogs and the simplicity of life of this people. We arrive to Amubri and will be met by an AWA (Indigenous medicine man).

Spend the day in Cachabri and learn about their way of life. Back to hotels 4:00pm

Tour guide
Round trip transportatio in private van
Round trip transportation by boat
Lunch with the indians