Crazy Monkey Canopy Ride

Come to Almonds & Corals and feel your adrenaline rising up in your body, come and get on the famous “The Crazy Monkey Canopy Ride”. Experience watching the jungle from the top of the trees in our c

anopy cable system of the platforms and ride amongst the forest till you get your feet on the golden sand beach!! Here is where the jungle meets the ocean. Our guides will take care of you and they will keep you safe at all the time.                           
This is a great place for magnificent views from the tree tops while you are on the platforms. This is an opportunity to see the jungle from another perspective and surely you will have the chance to watch some wildlife from the top of the trees as sloths, howler monkeys, vipers, toucas, etc.                       
Also you will be to see the Natura Park with a Bri-Bri Indian Village from above. A snack at Almonds and Corals Lodge is included.    If you are looking for some adventure and you are not afraid of heights this tour is perfect for you no matter your age. You will be taken through the tree tops enabling you to enjoy the rainforest from a different position. From here you will be able to have the view the birds and the monkeys have of the magnificent Manzanillo Limon rainforest, while you glide from tree top to tree top at a speed suitable for everyone's enjoyment.
This hour and 15 minutes ride will leave you feeling like you have left all your stress on the tree tops and you have only been left with calmness.  The tour runs through the whole lenght of the Almonds and Corals lodge property. You will be so close to nature that monkeys and birds will be almost at your reach. This tour is done with the most secure safety measures and the best quality equipment. The canopy staff is very experienced and they will make sure you enjoy the ride.
Do not require any experience
Time duration for 2 persons tour 1 1/2 hour
Include tropical fruits snack served at the dinning room
For round trip transportation please add $15.00 per person minimum 2 persons