Kayaking and Snorkeling

This tour starts in front of Almonds and Corals, right at the beach. This tour is subject to weather and calm ocean. We will give you a sit on top Kayak and the basic instructions. You will carry your snorkeling gear with you. Sit on you kayak and let’s paddle to Manzanillo, your tour guide will be with you, just 2 kilometers of coral reef along the coast. After 20 minutes paddling you will arrive to the beach in front of Manzanillo, leave the kayak here and from the beach you’ll start swimming over beautiful corals.

Your guide will take you to the best spots. You will swim above the coral, also around the edges where you will see some deeper spots, little holes, cracks and caverns and a lot more. In other word, it is a magical underwater garden worth to see. Among the things there are rods, sea fans, brain coral, boulder coral, fire coral, elk horn coral, turtle grass, etc. Also you will have the chance to see beautiful tropical fish like parrot fish, angel fish, snappers, groupers, grunts, blue tangs, jack fish and others, without leaving behind the spiny lobster, crabs, conchs and other many life forms. After taking rest at the beach, get back on your kayak and paddle back to Almonds and Corals hotel. Take a fresh water shower and get changed.

Include tour guide, equipment and tropical fruits snack served at Almonds and Corals' restaurant
This tour is subject to good weather
This tour requires some kayaking experience
Some of our tour guide are local people and do not speak english