Natura Park Guided Hike

Just 30 mts. From Almonds and Corals is a trail – like a secret passage – will take you into the forest, surrounded by the singing of the crested toucan or the mealy parrot and the bay wrens and many other signs of dozens of tropical birds. Here the frog’s land await for you in the middle ofthe forest, you can see the poison frogs which live in this area, among them the green frog or Dendrobates Auratus and the red frog or Dendrobates pumilio.

The area where the Natura Walk is done is located in a private refuge that belongs to the Almonds and Corals lodge. You can take this tour with a guide and a group but you can also take the tour by yourself afterwards to enjoy the wildlife at your own pace and with a little more quietness.

This tour is a must if you want to experience the rainforest at its fullest and get to know as much as possible of the fauna and flora of the Manzanillo Limon area.

Extra charge for round trip transportation from other hotels: $15.00 round trip per person (minimum 2 persons)
Include tropical fruits snack at Almonds and Corals' restaurant