General Information


• The front desk hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
• Check in time is from 2:00 p.m. onwards.
• Check out time is at 12:00 noon. You must return your room key by this time. If you decide to stay longer in the room there is an extra charge of $25.00 per hour. We will love to invite you to stay at the rest of the hotel's installation for free after you returned the room.
• If you are leaving before 7.00 a.m. please advice the front desk, so they can prepare your bill.
• If you have a package deal, make sure to give your voucher to the receptionist in order to confirm what services you have included.
• We rent kayaks, bikes, snorkeling equipment and boogie boards.
• We offer massage service, which you can book at the front desk.
• We offer tours to indigenous Reserves, Cahuita National Park, guided jungle tours, canopy tour, dolphin tour, snorkeling tour, among others.


• All rooms are non-smoking. Do not smoke inside the room please
• You will find biodegradable soap and shampoo at the shower and towels in the sink.
• Keep the room door closed to keep mosquitoes away from coming inside.
• There is a safety box with no charge at your room but you can leave valuables in the safe at the front desk if you wish.
• You should check your bed as well as your luggage for insects.
• Be thoughtful of your neighbors. No loud talking and no music playing at all.
• To listening to music you can use the dinning room, beach area, or the Spa area.
• Do not lean on your cabin walls as the screens may tear apart.
• The water from the faucets is drinkable but it contains important amounts of iron, oxide, manganese, and calcium. Sometimes is comes out with an orange brown color, if it happens, let the water run for a while to clear up and then use it. It is not dirty or dangerous for you
• This brown color tends to tint the toilet sometimes. It doesn’t mean the toilet is dirty. It also tints the towels and bed cloth, please forgive us if they are not white as cotton. We built the hotel in a swamp.
• There is a one gallon of commercial potable water available at the restaurant, at the front desk and at the meeting room where you can refill your bottle of water.
• If you need help in your room, or something is not working well, please feel free to ask for the manager, or anyone in charge.
• The humidity of the place is very high, because of this the electric cables, we apologize if any device does not work properly in your room, please let the front desk about it.
. If you bring any kind of food into the room please keep it at the refrigerator, some mammals can visit your room to eat your food, they love the fried potatoes!


• Please turn off the lights and all electric devices when you are not using it or when you leave your room. There is a key outside your room that turns off the power of the room, just turn it around to save the power.
• Do not waste the water, even during the rainy season the well can be dry.
• We do not sell disposable beverages to avoid garbage, please be helpful with this matter and only bring with you a bottle of water, which you can refill.
• There is a bin at your room for plastic, aluminum and glass.
• Please be a conscious traveler and only leave your foot prints at the beach and do not take anything else than your memories! Do you want to help us more? Ask for a garbage bag and while you are walking on the beautiful beach pick up all garbage you find and bring it to us.


• Our tap water comes from a well. It is safe for bathing and brushing teeth, but it contains important amounts of iron, oxide and others, we prefer you not to drink it.
• Price for the room include breakfast, dinner and taxes.
• Our meals are prepared with commercial potable gallons water.
• The left shower knob is for hot water. You will have to let it run for about three minutes before it gets warm, due to the distance of the water heater to your room.
• The water system is gravity fed, so water pressure may not always be as strong as desired.
• Our septic system can break down toilet paper in moderate quantities. Please do not flush tampons or other sanitary products in the toilets.
• Sometimes the tap water may have a brownish tint due to the natural mineral content.


• Do not leave children unattended at any time.
• Children should always go with an adult on the wooden walkways. They should not come down of the walkways.
• Caution children about leaning on the net wall of the tents. They could fall through them.


• The restaurant serves a menu with several options for lunch and dinner. Depending on the occupancy, meals will be served buffet style or a la carte.
• Breakfast is served from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
• Lunch is from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
• Dinner is from 7:00 p.m. to 9 p.m.
• There is a meal schedule for the kitchen convenience and to give you a good customer service, but you can ask for any meal at any time.
• Drinks and side dishes are available at any meal but are not included, they have an extra cost.
• Advise the staff at the front desk and restaurant, in advance if you are vegetarian.
• Snacks are also served out of the meals schedule; we do not serve snacks during lunch and dinner time.
• There are cookies, bread, coffee and tea at the dinning room all day long, it is an extra service free for you.
• Sometimes cats are visiting us at the restaurant. Please do not feed it. She must get the mice.
• We have toilets located 25 meters away from the restaurant on the walkway to the beach.


• The hotel is located inside the Manzanillo – Gandoca National Wildlife Refuge.
• For your own safety, do not touch any of the jungle’s animals or plants.
• Sidewalks may be slippery due to the rain, be careful and use sandals or shoes while walking around. Remember you are in the jungle and rainforest.
• If it rains, we have umbrellas in your room, at the front desk and at the restaurant.
• Since we are inside the Gandoca – Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge, the recollection of unglued flora and fauna or shells from the beach is prohibited by the government of Costa Rica.
• Use repellent if you are bothered by mosquitoes.
• There is no malaria, cholera, or dengue in this part of the country.
• If you find a small animal in your room, please feel free to call one of our employees or dial 0 (cero) for the front desk. If it’s late at night the guard will come to your room.
• It is not usual but you could find a scorpion, but in this part of Costa Rica, scorpions are not poisonous. Be cautious and ask for help.


• In 20 years of operation in the area, we have never had any person bit by a snake. It is possible to find a snake around the hotel. However, we recommend the following in case of an accident:
• It is important to know the characteristics of the dangerous snake. Especially the colors or drawings it has. The snake is red, black and yellow and there is a special serum for its bite. Be calm.
• Make sure the victim is placed in a comfortable position and relaxed. It is very important to keep calm. The victim can not move.
• Do not apply a tourniquet.
• Use serum only when you are completely sure the snake was a poisonous one. In many cases the snake is not a poisonous one, or did not inject poison into the victim and the serum is not necessary.
• The application of serum is very risky, the victim may be allergic to it and the reaction may be fatal. Serum must be applied only if the victim is at least 4 hours from a clinic or hospital.
• We do not have serum at the hotel since the clinic at Hone Creek is only 20 minutes away from the hotel. In case of emergency, the victim must be taken immediately to the clinic.


• As in any other beach sometimes there are undercurrents at the ocean. The riptides can be in different places everyday.
. It is frequently to have undercurrents in front of the lodge's beach.
. When the waves meet in the shore they make a current towards the ocean and this can be dangerous because you can be pulled into the ocean. If you swim accross the current usually the same current will take you out. Please observe the water before getting into the ocean.
• If a rip tide caught you KEEP CALM. Do not swim towards the beach. Swim parallel to the beach until you get out of the current.
• We recommend observing the ocean before going into it. If the ocean is rough do not swim. In a safe swimming area the waves must be parallel to each other with no brown color on the water.
• Never swim alone.
. Never go into the ocean after eating. You must wait at least one hour after meal.
• Do not leave sandals, towels or any other item unattended at the beach to prevent theft.
• If you are using the kayaks, you must use a life jacket.
• Best coral reefs are in any of the two points. Punta Uva to our left and Punta Manzanillo to your right.
• Remember coral reefs are living creatures; they die if you step on them.


• Tips for employees are appreciated. You can give the tip directly to each one.
• We offer laundry service. You can leave your laundry, along with our filled laundry form, in your tent for the cleaning staff or bring it to the front desk. We do not wash white clothes due to our sometimes brown color water.
• We offer massage service. You can book at the front desk.
• We offer a refrigerator into the rooms for your convenience.
• We offer our Crazy Monkey Canopy tour every day in the early afternoon. Guided walks and dolphins tour in the early morning.
• There are kayaks, bikes, snorkeling equipment and boogie boards available for rent.
• Please ask at the front for details on guided tours, renting equipment or any special need you may have.
• There is a gift shop located next to the front desk.
• We have employees who do not speak English. Please be courteous as you try to communicate.
• If you are traveling by public bus, we can offer you transportation service for USD 10.00 to the bus stop at Puerto Viejo as you arrive or departure.
• We provide 24 hours surveillance. During day time, we have employees at strategic places, so they keep eyes over the surroundings. At night, we have three guards watching for the hotel’s safety.