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Tours in Puerto Viejo

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The largest town in the Caribbean Southern Coast is Cahuita.  There is a four mile natural trail leads from Cahuita to Puerto Vargas, beyond Cahuita Point. The walk takes about two hours, but hikers will definitely want to stop frequently for a picnic, for a swim in warm Caribbbean waters, to gate at the Howler Monkeys in the tree top high overhead or to focus their binoculars on a Green Ibis.

Just 30 mts. From Almonds and Corals is a trail – like a secret passage – will take you into the forest, surrounded by the singing of the crested toucan or the mealy parrot and the bay wrens and many other signs of dozens of tropical birds. Here the frog’s land await for you in the middle ofthe forest, you can see the poison frogs which live in this area, among them the green frog or Dendrobates Auratus and the red frog or Dendrobates pumilio.

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We suggest a light start having fresh coffee and toasts. This tour is conditioned to good weather and not wavy ocean. Our van will pick you up at 6:30am at your hotel, and you will be taken to the beautiful Manzanillo Fisherman town, the last settlement on the costar Caribbean road. Here you will board a motor boat of one of the local fisherman who will be your tour guide. The adventure starts navigating along a pristine rocky sea shore with impressive cliffs and erosion blow holes covered on top by the evergreen tropical rain forest.


This tour starts in front of Almonds and Corals, right at the beach. This tour is subject to weather and calm ocean. We will give you a sit on top Kayak and the basic instructions. You will carry your snorkeling gear with you. Sit on you kayak and let’s paddle to Manzanillo, your tour guide will be with you, just 2 kilometers of coral reef along the coast. After 20 minutes paddling you will arrive to the beach in front of Manzanillo, leave the kayak here and from the beach you’ll start swimming over beautiful corals.


Come to Almonds & Corals and feel your adrenaline rising up in your body, come and get on the famous “The Crazy Monkey Canopy Ride”. Experience watching the jungle from the top of the trees in our c


This tour visit a Bribri indigenous family that has an iguana farm, and it consist in watching the process of care and the different stages that take place for the iguanas to be born, to grow and to reproduce. The purpose of this Bribri people is to repopulate the forest with this endangered species, so that when the iguanas have an optimal size, they are set free into nature. The iguana is part of the food of the indigenous population.

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The tour for today is unique. We are not selling this tour except for very special clients because of its beauty. Today passengers will have a visit to Amubri, Bribri and Cachabri Indian Village located 3 hours from Almonds & Corals, going into the Talamanca Our van Mountain Range. With the private bus, passengers will get to Sixaola River, here we will transfer them by boat to the other side of the river.

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