In the middle of the tropical rainforest from the Costa Rica south Caribbean

Beach Front

Our property is located in front of a lonely golden sand Caribbean beach

Between Manzanillo and Punta Uva

Between two of the most beautiful landmarks in the area, walking distance from Gandoca Manzanillo wildlife refuge

What our customer say

Costa Rica’s 10 Most Unusual Hotels

A Tent in the Trees – Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge, Caribbean
Almonds & Corals Tent Lodge Camp. At first blush, the concept does sound a bit cheesy: you camp in a tent, but that tent sits on a platform and you have a thatch roof above your tent—guaranteed to stay snug and dry. Almonds & Corals scatters its “campsites” unobtrusively throughout its forest property along the coast and connects them with each other and to its restaurant, reception, and the beach by softly lighted paths. That and the myriad of environmentally themed activities conducted by local guides really does give that “get away from it all” experience with a bit of rustic luxury.
Explore Nearby: Much like Wilson Botanical Garden, above, you’ll be happy as a clam just wandering the grounds.


Concoction for a luxurious camping experience at the Caribbean

“Place a tent up on stilts on a wooden platform. Protect the platform with a roof and drape it with mosquito netting. Put electric table lamps, a fan, 2 beds, a hammock, and a small table with two chairs, a mini-bar, jungle view and a bathroom by the tent with hair dryer and hot water. Add a golden sand beach, a restaurant incrustrated in the jungle with excellent meals, a bar, marvelous staff, a jacuzzi in the heart of the rainforest and a camping might not be so rustic after all.”

New York Times