Solidarity during COVID19

During this time of season 0 for tourism, we are offering our clients the possibility of buying a money coupon through Credit Card PayPal or bank deposit, the solidarity amount received from our clients will be doubled and the credit note will be available to be used for 1 year after purchase.

The money collected will be used to ensure that we can continue to deliver biweekly food packages for our employees and the families affected by the suspension of the working day.

Example: If you send $ 300 you will have the possibility to use $ 600 to make a reservation, in addition to obtaining a complimentary dinner for all the guests that are included in your reservation, the dinner includes entrance, main course, dessert and natural drink for each person.

We expect tourism to normalize in the next 9 months, but we also understand that season 0 can be extended for at least 3 more months. At the moment we are closed, respecting the indications of the Ministry of Health and supporting the reduction of mobility of people, Talamanca remains a canton without cases and we want it to remain that way.

Some of the measures that will be taken in the reopening and will be maintained until the emergency passes:
– Daily temperature control of all our employees and customers using a non-contact thermometer.
– Mandatory use of face masks for kitchen, bar and cleaning employees.
– Use of facilities at 50% capacity until further notice.
– Food hours of our clients controlled by reservation.
– Disinfection of common areas after each use of clients.
– Remind you that our rooms have saran walls, which makes them a ventilated and safe place with daily disinfection, our common areas are also open and spacious so that you do not have to approach other people.
– Our beach is quite solitary and allows our clients to have a lot of space to keep their distance.
– The measures taken plus the characteristics of our facilities make us an ideal place to plan your vacation after COVID19

Wishing you all the best of health and blessings from paradise!

This offer is valid for a limited time and money is non-refundable.

By PAYPAL Deposit Click Here

By Credit Card deposit in our secure form click here

You can use your ID number in the reservation number field in the form

By bank deposit to the account of BAC Credomatic number 914079975, IBAN CR18010200009140799757, legal ID 3101204292, in the name of ODIOYGAMEZ S.A.