Almonds and Corals Rooms

When you walk into the bungalow rooms, you immediately feel this atmosphere of utter relaxation, surrounded by the magic of the rainforest, where you finally will have a chance to disconnect from city life.

The screened window panels from ceiling to mid height ensure natural air flow inside the cabin, allowing the rainforest freshness to keep the rooms well ventilated and no need to worry about turning on the A/C.

The unique window treatment will let you merge with the view of the rainforest as soon as you wake up in the morning. If you decide to go for a bike ride or hiking before heading to the restaurant to enjoy a delightful lunch or dinner, you can rest assured that the room will be cool, for you to freshen up. Cabins are well equipped with curtains, so you can also choose to have some privacy when resting at night or cooling down during the day.

Bedrooms can be customized with indoor hammocks. In case it is a rainy day, but you still want to have the experience of lying down on a hammock and chilling, you can still do it, even if you cannot make a trip to the beach because it’s cloudy or rainy. You can still enjoy the fun and relaxing experience of taking a quick nap or reading a book.

All rooms have small benches at the foot of the bed, where you can leave your purse or sit to fit your shoes. There are also small rugs, so you don’t have to necessarily feel the cold floor under your feet. Hot tubs have been fitted in the 2 queen bed rooms, so you can enjoy a night in, after dinner, drinking some cool wine or refreshments. A mini fridge is also available in each of the rooms, to store water, refreshments or some tropical fruit you may have purchased for snacking, at the local supermarket.

The cabins’ soft indoor lighting helps your body and mind fall into a sweet relaxation and unwinding state. As you make your way from the restaurant to the cabin, after enjoying a delightful dinner, you feel the night air cooling your senses. Raindrops from the afternoon rain will sound like a sweet lullaby from mother nature, inviting you to step into the bedroom and wrap up your day’s agenda. You can always count ot the rainforest’s original soundtrack “playing” all night long, to help unravel from the busy streets.

We currently have two types of room set up, one with a King size Bed and another one with two Queen size beds.