• Can you walk to the beach?
    You can walk to the hotel’s front beach, Playa Grande (Limón), approximately 130 yards from the restaurant.
  • Are there other nearby beaches?
    Manzanillo is the closest one, followed by Punta Uva, Chiquita, Cocles and Puerto Viejo.
  • Can you ride a bicycle to the beach?
    Manzanillo is about 10 min away. Punta Uva is about 20 min away, followed by Chiquita, Cocles and Puerto Viejo which is about 40 min away.
  • Is it safe to ride a bike on the main road?
    There are traffic signals indicating bicycles on the road, and the street is wide enough to allow room for bikes.
  • How do you get a bike?
    Rental bikes are available at the hotel. You can rent them for the entire day.
  • Can you park the bike at the beach?
    You can park the bike right next to you at the beach.
  • Can you bike ride to the closest supermarket or downtown?
    You can ride your bike and park it outside of the supermarket, store or restaurants. Rental bikes are equipped with locks to secure them at parking areas.
  • Can you bring snacks to the room?
    All bungalow cabins have mini refrigerators where you can store small fruit, drinks or water.
  • Can you swim at the beach?
    All beaches in the area have strong rip tides, and are properly marked with red or yellow flags, depending on how dangerous. Our Front Desk staff can let you know which is the safest spot to bathe or swim at the hotel’s front beach, Playa Grande de Limón.
  • Are the beaches good for surfing?
    The hotel’s front beach, Playa Grande de Limón, is a good surf spot. Other nearby beaches are also good for surfing.
  • Are there any National Parks or Wildlife Reserves nearby?
    Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge is just 5 min away from the hotel. Cahuita National Park is about 30 min away, down the main road.
  • Can you spend the day at the beach at Manzanillo?
    Manzanillo is a small town, part of the beach runs parallel to the main road and is a public beach. The Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge area is more indicated for trailing and sightseeing.
  • Can you spend the day at the beach at Cahuita National Park?
    Cahuita National Park has picnic benches set along the beach, as well as restrooms by the entrance, so you can spend your day at the beach as well as doing some trailing, birdwatching, photography and coral reef exploring.
  • Is it possible to order a vegan or vegetarian meal at the restaurant?
    You can note on your reservation if you prefer vegan or vegetarian menu options, so our chef can customize a menu to match your preferences.
  • Can the restaurant prepare a birthday surprise?
    If you let us know in advance of a special celebration or birthday, our restaurant can prepare a special dessert for you.
  • Does it rain all day?
    The Southern Caribbean Coast is very rainy. You can expect occasional rains throughout the day and even at night, but it does also get sunny and warm.
  • Are there scheduled meal times at the restaurant, or can I order a meal anytime?
    The restaurant has scheduled meal time frames for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our Front Desk Staff will be more than happy to share with you our restaurant schedule.
  • Is tap water safe to drink?
    We recommend drinking water from the water dispensers located at the front desk and restaurant area. One bottle of water per guest is handed at check-in time, which you may refill at the water dispensers.
  • Does it get muddy when it rains?
    The hotel has recycled wood connecting platform paths from the bungalows to the common areas, so you don’t have to worry about getting mud on your shoes or luggage bags.
  • Are there umbrellas available for guests?
    The hotel has umbrellas available to use inside the property, when commuting from the rooms to the restaurant and front desk.
  • Are there mosquitoes and bugs?
    Due to the hotel being located in the middle of a rainforest, you might come across some mosquitoes and forest bugs. Insect repellent is advisable to prevent any mosquito bites.
  • Are there snakes around the hotel property?
    It is possible to spot small non-venomous and venomous snakes on the rainforest grounds and resting on nearby bushes. It is advisable to walk on the platforms when moving around the hotel, to avoid stepping on snakes, lizards, frogs, crabs, worms or insects, and prevent any accidents.
  • Are there frogs around the hotel property?
    Small and medium sized frogs can be spotted on the nearby forest and trees surrounding the hotel. Sometimes frogs might actually jump on the platforms, so watch your steps!
  • Can you hear frogs and insects while a the hotel?
    The Meowing Cat Frog lives in the rainforest surrounding the hotel, sings mostly at night. Crickets and other insects also chirp during the day.
  • Is it safe to leave my belongings in the room?
    Each cabin has its own key, handed to you at check-in time, so you can keep your belongings safe while away from your room.
  • Is there running hot water in the rooms?
    There is hot water running in the shower, in every room.
  • Does the hotel have a swimming pool?
    The hotel does not have a swimming pool, but we have a beautiful pristine beach with a private exit from our property.
  • Can you spot monkeys at the hotel?
    You can spot howler and capuchin monkeys near the hotel.
  • Can you spot sloths at the hotel?
    You might spot a sloth sitting on a tree near the beach. Sloths might be a bit more tricky to spot, because they camouflage easily.
  • Does the hotel help in booking tours?
    Our Front Desk staff will be more than happy to assist you in booking tours and suggesting must-see locations. They can also provide information on bike routes and tours depending on the weather.
  • Is the restaurant open to the public or only for guests?
    The restaurant is open to the public as well as for visiting groups that are only spending the day. If you book your day visit ahead of time, a special menu or day-at-the-beach meal can be arranged in advance.
  • Does the restaurant offer Caribbean food?
    The restaurant does offer Caribbean food options as part of the seasonal menu, for a taste of local cuisine.
  • What activities to do if it’s raining?
    Indoor and outdoor cacao tours near Puerto Viejo. Jaguar Rescue Center, where they shelter multiple wildlife species and plants. Short bicycle tours to do shopping downtown.
  • Is there a spa at the hotel?
    We currently do not have a designated spa area, although we can arrange massage sessions upon guest request.
  • Does the hotel have a yoga deck?
    The hotel does have a beautiful open deck area which can be used for yoga or exercising, surrounded by the rainforest.
  • What is the weather usually like?
    The weather in Limón is hot and frequently overcast. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 76°F to 86°F and is rarely below 73°F or above 89°F.
  • Is there A/C in the rooms?
    Each room has ceiling to mid wall screened window panels, so fresh air circulates inside the room day and night, keeping it cool and without the need to use A/C. Rooms are also equipped with fans.
  • Can the hotel host retreats?
    The hotel does accept corporate and private groups for retreats and special events. The common areas such as decks, restaurant, and front beach entrance can be set up for special events.