Our History

Much like many beautiful projects, Almonds and Corals was born as a lovely dream, that would 
allow Marco and Aurora to live at the beach in the middle of a rainforest, raising their children to 
love nature and wildlife.

Twenty-seven years ago, the Hotel was born after its founders fell in love with the beautiful and 
luscious Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica and decided to build a permanent home, to
later on share with nature loving guests from all around the world.


Almonds and Corals is located in Manzanillo, Limón, between Punta Uva and the Gandoca-
Manzanillo Wildlife Reserve, in a 7.5 acre property that includes both rainforest and beach.  The 
hotel is located off the main road from Puerto Viejo to Manzanillo, having a trail-like entrance,
 where you begin to experience the rainforest sounds, scents and sightings.

Jungle Room

When the land was acquired, it was already covered by secondary forest and full of wildlife,
 which they decided to leave intact as much as possible. Thus, allowing native vegetation to
 grow and blossom at its own rhythm, guided by natural weather cycles and rain. Every inch of
the hotel surroundings are filled with rich green wetlands and almost sky-high trees, creating a
fantastic canopy view and fresh environment.

A&C Land

The hotel’s concept is to experience life in the heart of a rainforest, leading to a secluded golden
 sand beach with spectacular turquoise, jade and light blue sea and lace-like foamy crashing

Beach in front of Hotel

Almonds and Corals was architecturally designed by owner Aurora, offering a unique yet
 comfortable experience which also allows the hotel to stand out amongst other lodges in the
area.  Open concept spaces in common areas and in the bungalow cabins invite guests to peek at the
rainforest vegetation and sit quietly to listen to the singing frogs, birds, crickets and howler

Illumination in Room

Illumination has been thought to minimize any artificial components that might affect
life in the rainforest, yet allowing guests to have a clear view of the recycled wood platform
corridors, parking areas, restaurant and path to the beach.

Dr.Marco Odio

Don Marco guiding a night hike.

When you stay at Almonds and Corals, don Marco and the rest of the hotel crew, will ensure
that you get to experience home in the middle of the rainforest, indulging you with delicious food
 and caring for every detail during your visit.