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Almonds and Corals, nestled amongst the exuberant jungle of Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica, offers three in one unique destinations, because it is part an exclusive Caribbean beach resort, part a safari camp and part an eco-conscious boutique hotel. The owners are devoted to offer one-of-a-kind accommodations awaiting your arrival and a unique sensory experience that promotes harmony between inner and outer self.

Almonds & Corals hotel is steeped in the early history of tourism at Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge. It was here that in 1990 the owners, Aurora Gamez and Dr. Marco Odio a young couple full of dreams, arrived after three days of searching for a magical spot in the Costarican South Caribbean coast, traveling by motorcycle and on foot, and pitched their tents in the falling light. They awoke in an illuminated tropical forest of breathtaking beauty. Unique, peaceful and remote, this wild untrammeled wilderness is still the defining experience at Almonds & Corals.

The interior conjures Caribbean indulgence with a safari’s twist. The experience tells a story of a bygone era and furnishing an environment of soft adventure, Aurora designed the interior combining Caribbean colors and specially created environments to discover the secrets of the jungle or enjoy a Canopy adventure. There is something different and interesting to experience at round every corner. Almonds & Corals is a photographers’ delight, both inside the surrounds of the Pavilion Suites and out in the golden beach or under the high canopies of the trees.

The Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge area, where Almonds & Corals is situated, has a large wildlife resource with a wide variety of species, but it is most noted for its very large howling monkey population, which can be heard or seen from your bed early in the morning, along with Blue Morpho butterflies and a myriad of colorful birds.


To be the most exotic and unique hotel destination for the Costa Rica Caribbean Coast, furthermore with being able to rely on the most range covering foundation in Costa Rica Caribbean, destined to educate for the preservation of our environment, our traditions and our cultural diversity.


Currently at Almonds and Corals hotel we are the expert hostess of fulfilling the dreams of our guests, who desire to live exciting adventures and unforgettable romances in the mist of our exotic rainforest with a touch of cultural diversity that only the Caribbean can offer.


Service, because for the Almonds and Corals staff service to the client is the key tool to have our clients want to return.


Discipline, because only with discipline and order can we reach our goals that we have established for ourselves.


Trust, because as honest and respectful people we have earned the trust of our clients, guests, and friends.


Innovation, because in order to maintain the competitive advantage of our unique concept of lodging, we need to maintain ourselves in vanguard in all areas concerning lodging matters.


Responsibility, because we are responsible of our decisions and actions, so that our work be our fountain of wholesome fulfillment.


Solidarity, because we generate development in our area of influence at the same time that we improve the quality of life of our staff and neighbor communities through work, environmental and cultural education.

What our customer say

Costa Rica’s 10 Most Unusual Hotels

A Tent in the Trees – Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge, Caribbean
Almonds & Corals Tent Lodge Camp. At first blush, the concept does sound a bit cheesy: you camp in a tent, but that tent sits on a platform and you have a thatch roof above your tent—guaranteed to stay snug and dry. Almonds & Corals scatters its “campsites” unobtrusively throughout its forest property along the coast and connects them with each other and to its restaurant, reception, and the beach by softly lighted paths. That and the myriad of environmentally themed activities conducted by local guides really does give that “get away from it all” experience with a bit of rustic luxury.
Explore Nearby: Much like Wilson Botanical Garden, above, you’ll be happy as a clam just wandering the grounds.


Concoction for a luxurious camping experience at the Caribbean

“Place a tent up on stilts on a wooden platform. Protect the platform with a roof and drape it with mosquito netting. Put electric table lamps, a fan, 2 beds, a hammock, and a small table with two chairs, a mini-bar, jungle view and a bathroom by the tent with hair dryer and hot water. Add a golden sand beach, a restaurant incrustrated in the jungle with excellent meals, a bar, marvelous staff, a jacuzzi in the heart of the rainforest and a camping might not be so rustic after all.”

New York Times